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Read with caution-->Slight R rating [Aug. 16th, 2004|03:13 pm]
The Get A Life Community

[Current Mood |hornyhorny]

Have not been staying at the Chickie Hut for the past week or so. Have been staying at my boyfriend's while going to work and class. Derek seems to be at the store more often, but I don't care cause he's a sweetie. Keller has been staying at my old place while Pete and I repaint Pervert Todd's room orange. Cause he's in jail!!!!!!!! hahahaha. And because my boyfriend no longer has a roommate and my over protective dog is somewhere else, Pete and I have been taking time to get to know each other better. *suggestive wink wink* Vanni will want to know all the details when she gets back from India. I'm taking him over to the Chickie Hut later to show him the new room I claimed and the pool. Hopefully none of the girls will get back early and we'll have the Chickie Hut to ourselves. *SUGGESTIVE WINK!!!!!!!!!!!!*
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(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2004|08:40 pm]
The Get A Life Community

[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

I am proud to inform you all that please_getalife actually has a memories section now. The memories are the original profiles of everyone.I added them to make it easier for you. They should be in alphabetical order of first names. If you don't know how to get to the memories section you go to the community info page and it's tiny but it's on that page. I also would like to ask you all to shamelessly promote this community. I will make you all banners to put on your journals if you post to your other communities about this one. It's just that I know all of you and we've had the same pepole for months now. Please promote *puppy eyes* That's all for now.
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Long time no been around! [Aug. 15th, 2004|06:31 pm]
The Get A Life Community

[Current Mood |jubilantjubilant]
[Current Music |A Perfect Circle--The outside]

K, last week Ev just like...took off. Fi went to India, and I don't know where Anna went. Probably to her boyfriend's house or something. So...I was stuck alone. Tyler still didn't know about the money, and I somewhat didn't want to tell him. Ever.

But that never really held up...

'cause he called me up on my new cell (I told him it was Anna's so he would think I was still poor), and told me to pack my bags 'cause we were going on a trip. I put out a big bowl of food for lilac and left a note at the Chickie hut that i might not be back for a few days and if someone came back, to check up on her. Pepsi got into his kenel and came in the car with me and Tyler.

We drove to an airport, and got on a plane. He wouldn't tell me where we were going until we got there...

He took me on a trip to Paris.

With his own money...

*squeezes imaginary tyler plushie* god I love him.

So, we did the whole tourist thing. Apparently he knows fluent french, since he kept talking to the french folk. I felt like a third wheel since I didn't now what was going on half the time. But he took me everywhere from the Eiffel tower to the Louvre. All of it was very fun, but the French dont' know how to drive. No matter how anyone puts it, they have the worst driving abilities ever.

We stayed there for 3 nights, then on the third night *takes a deep breath* he took me to this really fancy resturant. Like...it was extremely expensive. They had fantastic food, then during the third course it happened...I was eating some dessert (God only knew what the hell I was eating, it was good, though), when I found a ring. Diamond. In my dessert. And I choked on it x_X. Apparently I should have looked at what I was eating before I put it in my mouth. After my ungracious fall from glory, Tyler just laughed and properly proposed to me.

He proposed to me!!

Without knowing I had $14,000,000 sitting in a bank account back home.

Without knowing that Pepsi was the one that chewed up this suitcase, and not the bellboy.

...Well, maybe he knew that one...

but he proposed!

And I said yes.

Then, through tears, I managed to tell him about the millions of dollars at home.

Which seemed to be a plus because he said he spent all of his money on this trip.

So...we're getting married...in two days...but when I got home yesterday to tell everyone the good news, no one was there! No one! I called Ev and she said she was coming home, Anna said she was at her boyfriend's house (still), and Vanni was still in India.I told Vanni that she had to come home because of something very important. I'm going to tell them when they all get back home (tomorrow)...I just wonder how they'll take it. I mean, I've only been dating him for 2 months, but I know I want to get married and live happily ever after with him...

*crosses fingers*
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(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2004|06:20 pm]
The Get A Life Community

[Current Mood |worriedworried]

With the rush of my new found wealth I am afraid I have been neglecting my school work. I missed two midtermsand failed three more. I am going to flunk out of college and all the mone in the world won't save me. The thing is, instead of dealing with it I took a trip to the brazillian rainforest. It was the most beautiful place I had every seen and I stayed in a grand expensive hotel. The water for the pool was imported. I bought a baby margay from a shady man but he assured me it was legal. I haven't let the thing out of my sight. I even bought it a diamond collar. I finally realized I can't run from my problems and money won't make me feel better. There is still that little pain in the back of my head telling me that I am failing.. falling. So now I am on a plane back home with cocoa butter stashed into a carrion. The girls are going to be furious. I just took off in the middle of the night and it's been over a week. I hope they let me in. I forgot to bring my key with me. *cringes* Please don't hate me guys...
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2004|06:09 pm]
The Get A Life Community

Heading to india tommarrow. my last night with the girls. Kinda sad, but i think its time to move on with my life.
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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2004|08:24 pm]
The Get A Life Community

[Current Mood |artisticartistic]

I love my room. My pets do too. Along with them I bought some tropical birds and some silver cages for them. My room has the most gorgeous view with it's 180 degree view. Since the move I have been trying to develop my creative outlet and have drawn many sketches. I'm not sure if I should invite Josh yet. I mean if we ever broke up what would I say "you can't live here anymore"?
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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2004|04:08 pm]
The Get A Life Community

I'm living off a rich girl!!!!!! Yep, going to move my stuff to our house later, but I'm totally keeping my apartment next to Pete in the city. There's no more pervert there!!! After the mega coolness of Ayrin's dinner when we got to the house. Hell, I'm posting just to talk about my swanky new room!! It's all decked out in black and white and purple. When you open the door, all you see is like a little armchair and a twisting wrought iron stair case. And this isn't a little staircase either because it leads to the second floor! Once on the second floor I have wall to wall purple carpet and my own bathroom! Like a bathroom with a shower and a sky light!!!! I have this window nook that's like the size of a full size bed. You can lay on it and watch TV or look out the window but it's huge and has this little TV nestled in the corner. I have two TVs in my room. The one in the nook and one that rises up out a black chest at the foot of my bed. And my bed!!! King size, white silk sheer canopies, black sheets. Keller even has this black dog bed with his name embroidered on it!! I love Ayrin. I just hope the girls don't mind when Pete comes over because he will come over and I will have fun with my boyfriend. But I'm going to ask Ayrin to loan me some money for a newer car. If I'm going to keep my place and get back to the living word and school, I'm going to need a better car.
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Finally out of hereee *dances* [Aug. 4th, 2004|01:50 pm]
The Get A Life Community

[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |"I'm still here"--Johnny Rzeznik]

Well, I've been busy helping to pack. I didn't have much to pack of my own stuff, but Vanni seemes to have a LOT of stuff she's been keeping. Really, so much of it is useless junk like old McDonalds toys, beanie babies, and broken wine glasses. And she insisits on bringing it all to the new house. However, she's going to leave us after we're all situated--she, with this new freedom, wants to see the world for a few weeks. But she's going to come back ^_^.

I gave each of the girls $2 million dollars to spend as they please, which leaves me, after the houses, cars, and motorcycles 14 million bucks. I never have to work again!

By the way, my house is HUGE. It feels like a little too much house for one person...but it's not going to be for just one person. Tyler still doesn't know, but I'm going to suprise him with it. And he can stay there so I'm not all alone ^_^. Also, my sister Laura found out about my winnings and has decided that she's leaving mom and dad's house and coming to live with me. Uninvited. She bothers me, but what am I supposed to do? She can have the small room on the OTHER side of the house.

So here's how my house is. It's slightly smaller than the "Chickie Hut" (what Anna called it since all of the girls are living there), but it has a similar design. I bought both houses fully furnished, and boy is there some nice furniture. I have 4 rooms in my house, two story, with a waterfall in the middle of it. Seriously. The staircase is a winding staircase that circles around the middle of the livingroom, a big wall of rocks go all the way to the roof of the house, and water comes from down there into a little koi pond. In my livingroom. It's really cool. The girls come over and we try to feed the koi cheetoes. And they actually ate them x_X. Then Ev got a little drunk and poured a bottle of vodka into the pond. So now I had to vaccume all the water out of there so my fish will stop swimming into the sides of the pond. And then get little fishy hangovers. That would be bad. I wonder if fish can become alcoholics. Wouldn't that be weird? I should call Tyler and asked him.

K, so I called him and he said "what are you talking about?" He doesn't understand my obviously serious dillema. I just called and asked him "Can Koi's become alcoholics?" and he just didn't say anything, asked if I took any magic pills today, and then when I said no and he realized I was serious, he just went "I have no idea, chickie."

Which leads me to belive that he KNOWS. Yeah, 'cause, he called me "chickie" and we call the girl's house "Chickie Hut" so he MUST know all about it and he was hinting that he knew...I should consult the girls about this...anyway:

My bedroom is the master bedroom, it's big, and completely black and white. The king-Sized bed has black and white down blankets, and the walls have black and white horizontal stripes going down, and the dresser and armoir both were custom made to have black and white vertical stripes on them with little red polkadots on them.

Then Lilac has her own room, and I bought a new dog. It's a black scottie. I named him "Pepsi", and he attacks anyone who comes into the house except Anna, Vanni, and Ev. He went after Kyle last night when he came over with Vanni. Took a big chunk of his hair out, too. We all laughed and laughed.

I don't have a pool, that's the only downside to my house, but I can always go over to the girl's house and swim there.

I'm so amazingly happy right now. I'm re-starting college on August 23rd, I'm inviting Tyler over to 1)meet Anna (she still hasn't met him), 2) show him my new house. I told him I moved, I just didn't say where.

And here's the icing on the cake: I FINALLY bought a car (and a motorcycle). The car is a golden mustang (with a DVD player, CD player, leather interior, and totally customized), and the motorcycle is a silver and red custom Titan. The bike alone was $50,000. But it's exquisite. I go up and down the feilds that border our house and onto the main streets. It's so much fun! I'm still learning how to ride, though, so I don't go very fast.

I called my mom and dad (adopted) yesterday. They seemed slightly angry that I'm not giving them any $$...but then again, they never gave me much of anything themselves, so whatever ^_^.all those years of apartment hopping and going hungry has finally paid off...and they're well off themselves, my adpoted dad's a doctor and my mom's a lawyer. They'll be fine

^_^ that's all that's new in my life.
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Bad Week Turned Good [Aug. 2nd, 2004|08:06 pm]
The Get A Life Community

[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Music |Evanescence: Imaginary]

This has been a horibbly terrible week! Okay so Monday a guy came into the 7-11. This burly man came in with tatoos all up his arms. He grabbed a cup of coffee and a donut and came up to the check out counter. He slid his card and I went over the the computer. The card was maxed. I informed him of this and suggested he use a different card. He gave me an exasperated look and yelled "What the hell did you do!? This card worked just f***in' fine yesterday when I came in here! Why do they higher such incompitent people in this place!" I tried to calm him down because my manager was in the back room doing inventory. Slide it again I told him. But again it said maxed out. I'm sorry I said but I'ts maxed out. I should've paid for him but I didn't think of that at the time, and the fact I was still running low on funds and stressing the months rent. So He starts cursing to high heaven at me and I break down crying and my manager comes out. He tried to calm the man and told him he could have it free of charge. Then he decided he had nothing better to do than chew me out for not keeping the customers happy. Then he fired me. The rent was due on Friday and my paycheck normally came on thursday. There was not enough time to get another job.

After a fruitless attempt to get a job that paid before thursday I decided to call my parents. It was Wednesday by this point and I was stressed. My parents were no help. "You need money!? From us!? Miss Independent-I-can-handle-this-on-my-own!? Miss I'm-not-going-to -be-a-doctor-but-major-in=graphics-even-tho-I'm a genius!? Well Miss Smarty Pants you wanted freedom take it. You're already screwing up your life why not drown in debt too!" With that they hung up.

Friday (after a day of moping) I went to the living word to drown my sorrow in a good book (reading and then putting it back). I ran into Kyle there and he sat down and talked to me. I spilled my guts. Then he said he'd give me the money but he was helping someone else. I prodded him till he told me who. Turns out it was Vanni. She had been fired and was using his money to pay the rent Friday. I was incredibly annoyed. I began yelling at her about it when I got home. Then I took a shower to cool down. It wasn't her I was mad at. It was myself. I was jealous that she had someone to bail her out of trouble and I didn't. I felt alone and lost. Then when I got out of the shower I realized I really was alone. Vanni had up and left! I began sobbing and proposed killing myself for being an idiot but then Ayrin showed up. I cried my eyes out with her.

Than tonight Ayrin invited us to dinner and Vanni was there! I apoligized profusely for what I said and she shrugged it off. Then at the end of this really elaborate dinner Ayrin stands up and taps the side of a glass. She then tells us that she had won the lottery which was obviously met with skeptism but then she showed us the ticket and the paper. I nearly fell over and was using a stunned stoic Vanni for support. Anna was shaking her head still staring from the lottery ticket to the paper.
"Pack your bags" said a Cheery Ayrin "cuz we're movin' out of this rat trap!" Everyone stared at Ayrin. "I see your speechless. Well, how about I drive you all down to our new houses so you can have a look!" Everyone walked zombyish to Ayrins car... but it wasn't a car. It was a limousine! Complete with it's own driver! Me and Vanni forgot our differences and both attemted to squeeze through the sunroof. Ayrin was drinking a glass of Chanpagne and I'm pretty sure Anna was playing with the privacy window just to see if she could piss off the driver. It was about a 45 minutes there but we were all dancing to 7 nation army as the car bounced along.

Then we got there. We were stunned speechless. There were two large mansions connected by a large screen porch complete with and outdoor pool and a lake!Ayrin walked us in. Turns out the pool was half out door half indoor with a glass wall one could swim under to get to the other side. The wall could also be lowered to keep people out at night. We walked in and darted upstairs. there were a billion doors at the top. "pick a bedroom" Ayrin said grinning at us. We each grabbed a doorknob and walked in. The room I had chosen appeared to only lead to a marble staircase. I walked up the staircase and was amazed by what I saw at the top. There was a room with the two front walls and the cieling made entirely of glass! There was a light blue canopy bed draped in silks on the back wall and the room had it's own bathroom (that was not made of glass). I walked down stairs wistfully at having this beautiful room to call my own. When I got down the others looked like they had also discovered there dream room. Ayrin just smiled "I truly don't know what's in those rooms". We explored a little more finding a wonderous kitchen and living room with lavish furniture and a beautiful fireplace.

There were many rooms we had to leave unexplored because Ayrin then ecorted us to her house! It was not quite as big which was unusual but she said since she had her own house she didn't need quite as much space as we did. Her house was smaller but exceedingly lavish. Then it was getting late and Ayrin had to wake us when we got back. We were near convinced that it was all a dream but Ayrin told us she'd come down to help us pack the next morning. Yay!
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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2004|06:31 pm]
The Get A Life Community

[Current Mood |ecstaticand horny]

Remember that party I was going to have? Well, nobody came.I waited for an hour and nobody showed up. Not my boyfriend or my neighbor or my best friends. I had gotten 3 twelve packs for the party, not to mention exta liquor. I distinctly remember Derek and Pete and Howard and Sean walking in just as I finished up the vodka and smashed it on the floor just like the 36 previous beer bottles. God I was drunk. Not 'Weezy cleans me up and takes me home' drunk, like 'barefoot in a tubetop and skirt walking across broken glass and my dog is staying on my bed cowering' kind of drunk. All I can remeber was Pete picking me up and putting me next to Keller, who promptly covered me with himself. I love my dog. Apparently the guys cleaned up my apartment and Howard and Sean are getting all of my homework. Derek is also giving me paid leave from the Living Word and is telling Kyle and Mike not to let me on the premises for two weeks. Well, I wasn't there for two weeks. I stayed in bed with my dog watching re runs and cuddling with my boyfriend when he was there. I went to work and class today, cuddling all the way and through class. Collected my back pay from Derek, who was in the store to make sure I was fine. Haven't touched a drop of alcohol since the fact but Kyle is watching me like a hawk. He really is being sensitive what with Vanni on the rocks and think me and Ev don't love her. All preposterous lies. Also, apparently Ayrin has something to tell me because she kept leaving cryptic messages on my machine. Also, as I got back to my apartment I saw a note on my door that said "no more Pervert todd." I went over to pete's to ask him about it and voila !!!!!!!!!!!!! Pervert Todd got kicked out of the building after he was arrested for feeling up Erica in the hall. She beat him up and called the cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HE'S SERVING JAIL TIME AND I CAN HANG OUT AT MY BOYFRIEND'S NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Utter utter joy!!!!
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