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please_getalife's Journal

The Get A Life Community
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Welcome to the "Get a Life" Community! Now, I bet you're wondering what this community is about, right? This is a community started by me and one of my good friends to add some spice to this long boring summer. If you're looking at this community it probably means you spend the majority of your free time on the internet or on Live Journal. A noble cause to be sure but I bet you've heard that old "get a life" line from one or more of your friends. Well, that exactly what we intend to do- we intend to give you a life. Almost any life you want- one fabricated and designed by you.

If you don't understand what I mean, I'll attempt to explain the premise. Say you're a highschool girl- kinda chubby- and are pretty much ignored by the majority of the school body- well on this site you create you're life. You my friend could pretend to be a 22 year old blonde who whom everyone would die to be. Say you're the class nerd who had no coordination whatsoever- you could be a jock who spends his time chasing cheerleaders. You could make yourself a 18 year old rockstar who had wads of cash and spends their life partying and getting stoned. You could also do the converse- say you're a perfectly average middle class person- you could not only make yourself a rich aristocrat but a person who lives in the projects and sleeps with roaches. Who you are is up to you. You can interact with each other too. Say two people say they live in an apartment complex- they can say they live in the same apartment and invite each other to parties/clubs/bars. If you are a writer this should all come really easy for you.

There is a goal, however. It's like the game of snake on your cellphone. The longer this lie/life grows you have to be even more careful not to run into yourself. The goal is to be able to fabricate a lie and stick to it- not to let people catch on to your lie.

Rules: There are some rules just to be careful and for some added fun.
1) No unreal beings (i.e. you can't be a vampire, mutant, alien, specter, ect. ect.)
2) I am going to allow posts with sexual fantasies in order to accomadate everyone however there are rules to posting this kind of stuff. You must and I repeat must put such posts under an LJ cut with a rating (ie R-XXX)
3) No major cursing please. If you must curse star/symbol it out such as f*** or @$$.
4) This rule is just for fun. If you find a hole in anyone's lie/life point it out and I'll zap 'em- meaning they have to start from scratch with a totally new life.
5) You may not have more than 1 life per person- not per LJ name- per person. If you begin to dislike your current character you can kill them off and start anew.
6) No talking bad about another persons character.

Reminder: This is all fake. If you say something such as you are about to commit suicide it will be taken as a joke and not seriously. Do not type anything true here- especially do not write about real emergencies. Everything here will be taken as fake.

Mandatory Profile
eye color:
hair color:
height (opt.)
place of residence (i.e. apt. box on the side of the road house dorm ect.):
job (opt):
School/college (opt.):
Friends (opt):
Hobbies (opt):
Sexual preference (i.e. straight, gay, bi, lesbian){opt.}:
Pets (opt.):
Clique/style (opt.)

Also new members must take the oath written by the talented margaret.

I solemnly swear to be anyone other than who I truly am.
I seek to create the world I have not been given.
I swear to what I write, my person solely based on the content of my words.
I trust in those around me to lie about who they are as they trust the same in me.
I respect that my world can be changed by a few words and a simple action.
I believe in nothing and no one but myself.
I am of this point, someone different, someone new.
In this oath I am born again, new baptized to the world I can create, control and destroy.

Okay I think you're set ^_^. Have Fun!